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Z0410NF     ST     145,000
T830-800W     ST     156,000
IRF640NPBF     IR     131,650
IRF9Z34NPBF     IR     100,500
IRF3205NPBF     IR     61,650
CD4069UBM96     TI     8600
ULN2003ADR     TI     147,500
TL431ACDR     TI     15,000
TL062CP     TI     5,000
OP07CDR     TI     45,000
SN75176BDR     TI     7,500
TL431ACLPE3     TI     21,000
TL082CP     TI     7,000
TL074CN     TI     8,500
TL072CP     TI     16,150
SG3524N     TI     9,500
NE555DR     TI     15,000
NE5532P     TI     17,500
MAX232N     TI     14,000
LM339DR     TI     50,000
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About Us
We are an independent distributor for a wide range of world famous branded electronic components at commercial and industrial grades as well as military grade, which are supplied to high-end customers in industries of telecommunications, instrumentation, aerospace, medical, etc.
  Company’s superiority:The magnanimous stock and provides the competitive extremely price, the mass order, has the long-term friendship and cooperation partnership with the overseas producer.
  Company’s advantage:advantage brand:ALTERA、XILINX、PHI、DALLAS、INTERSIL、ROHM, NEC, TOSHIBA, MOTOROLA, SIEMENS, HITACHI, HP, KEC, NATIONAL, TDK, AVX, MURATA,TI、AD...Tel IC 、 Consume electronics IC 、 Power IC 、 family electronics IC and Music&toy IC, also hard-to-find IC.
  Stock:we have prepared a large number of stock in Shenzhen 、 Hongkong, The variety surpasses 60000 kinds, Shantou have three storages, shenzhen have one, HK have two.

  In time Quote:about the inquiry of all kinds, we provide the quotion within 1 business day.

  Quick delivery:We can send out the goods punctually on the agreement date by the air transport. The stock guarantee within a working day, the avail orders according to the agreement carries on.

  High Quality::we are insist on the high quality, moreover, we can provide the “quality guarantee paper ”for all of our goods. All the parts must be passed the test before in our stock. all the parts will pass the test when send to the customers. for the best quality and with responsibility for our customers

  Satisfying Service::Please contact us if you need any electric component. We have the specialist to give you the whole-process service.

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